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November 2007

We obtained an outstanding collection of materials relating to the United States Sanitary Commission, a civilian organization authorized by the U. S. government to provide medical and sanitary services to the soldiers of the Union Army during the Civil War. The documents are from the library of the Sanitary Commission’s founder, the Rev. Henry W. Bellows.

August 2007

For the auction of Dr. Dean Edell’s anatomical library and collection of anatomical artifacts, to be held at Christie’s in New York on October 5, Jeremy organized the sale in a loose chronological order, and wrote all the annotations, the bibliography of references and a Preface to the catalogue. The chronological arrangement, innovative for this type of auction, allows the annotations to read in a semi-narrative form. Entitled Anatomy as Art: The Dean Edell Collection, lots in the sale may be viewed online at Christies.com. Download a PDF of Dean Edell’s Introduction and Jeremy’s Preface. The printed catalogue, extensively illustrated in color, may be purchased from Christie’s.

April 2007

The History Portal at Stanford University’s Lane Medical Library went online. This website within the Lane Library’s larger site contains information about many rare and important classics in the library for which Jeremy provided annotations. The site also includes Jeremy’s essay on the history of the development of the rare books collections at Lane Library entitled Establishing the European Medical Tradition in California. Incidentally Jeremy’s favorite volume among the many treasures in the Lane Library is a collection of pamphlets by Bernhard Siegfried Albinus and Frederik Ruysch which incorporate examples of early color printing by Jan Ladmiral. This collection of extremely rare pamphlets was bound in human skin for the anthropologist and sexologist Hans Friedenthal (1870-1943). The unusual binding incorporates a sculptured bas-relief in silver with Friedenthal’s ex-libris mounted on the upper cover.

March 2007

We acquired a remarkable collection of 17th and 18th century French documents on crime and punishment, including numerous documents on the career of the notorious Cartouche. See the full description.

February 2007

Our Catalogue 34: Winds of Change, West and East, is now available for download as a PDF. This is our first rare book catalogue since Catalogue 33 (1999), and the first of our catalogues to be distributed primarily in electronic format. The catalogue describes 143 items on 91 pages. Topics include Early Printing, Autographs and Manuscripts, Bindings, Computers & Computing, Illustrated Books, Prints & Photographs, Medicine, Molecular Biology, Science & Technology, Travel & Exploration, and Asian Medical & Scientific Books. Most items are illustrated in color. (This is a 25 megabyte file and may take a few minutes to download.)

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