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For more than forty years we have helped to develop superb private libraries and major institutional holdings of rare books and manuscripts on the history of science, medicine and technology. We are among the world’s leading experts in these fields. In addition to our inventory for sale, we offer our clients a lifetime of experience as dealers, appraisers, bibliographers, collectors, publishers, and scholars of the history and traditions of collecting the history of science and medicine. We also offer an unparalleled level of advice, personal attention and service. Whether you are a beginning or experienced collector we invite you to contact us and discuss which services we can provide for you.

Check out Jeremy's new and extensively revised and enlarged interactive edition of "Garrison-Morton", the standard bibliographical reference work the history of medicine and biology, at HistoryofMedicine.com. Also check out HistoryofInformation.com, Jeremy's chronological and thematic studies on the history of information and media, and its subset, BookHistory.net.

Highlights From Our Collections & Publications

First Sex Manual in English. Aristoteles Master-Piece (1684). More »

Aristotle's Masterpiece

Letterpress Color Printing Tour de Force. Maret, Russell. Interstices & Intersections. More »


Foundation Work of Computing. Turing, Alan. On Computable Numbers. 1936-37. More »

Turing on Computable Numbers

Classic of Comparative Anatomy. Casserio, Giulio. De vocis auditusque organis historia anatomica. 1600-1601. More »